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Tracking With Aurora Gear Part 4

So when we last left off, we were still in guitar-land with Paul. We got Paul’s main rhythm done, acoustic tracks, and the chorus track that beefed things up with a Les Paul and Fender Bassman. Next up was Miles. I’ve known Miles for years and where Paul is more straight ahead in tone Miles likes to experiment and use plenty of effects to shape things.

We started with his 70′s SG that he has had forever. We had some issues finding the right amp that worked will with Paul’s tracks. I eventually brought out my Hiwatt SA212. The Hiwatt is from 1975…it’s a combo amp that has Fane speakers and sounds pretty incredible. Legend has it that David Gilmour still uses his SA212s to record on his barge. The amp worked will with Miles due to his chorus sounds being more rock sounding and the verses being super effected.

I switched up the mic setup a little from the Bassman (which you can see in the pic above), so I used a Shure SM7 and the Fet 47. Again using the four band EQ, We got the sound to blend really well with the Tele/Rivera sound and Miles added efffects as needed. I compressed the sound a bit with the GTC2 in the Opto mode. It gave things a little squish that everyone liked. We also plugged in some effects that I had to see if it would make Miles play things differently. The Sun Face by Analog Man, Way Huge’s Piercing Moose Octifuzz, A Keeley modded TS808 Tube Screamer, and the MXR ’76 Dyna Comp all made appearances.

Well, that takes into bass-world. Well get into that next time. I went a little nuts with the setup so I could use more gear to track it.

Until next time,


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