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Tracking With Aurora Gear Part 3

Allrighty everybody, here is the big part three of my sessions with the Aurora gear!

Once we got Paul’s main rhythm track done, we added a chorus track that would help fill things out in the song. Knowing that the band didn’t want to make it too “rawk” as it were, I grabbed my 1973 Les Paul Custom and plugged into a 1960′s Blackface Bassman and a Avatar 2×12 cab loaded with Celestion Heritage Greenback G12Hs. In case you didn’t know, not all Greenbacks are the same. There are obviously the different eras you can pick from, but there are two basic weights of magnets in there. The M (for medium) speaker is the classic that most know and the H (for heavy) were initially made for bass. But as many players figured out, the H Greebacks could be a great on guitar as well. Legend has it that players like Hendrix, Page, Clapton liked the G12H for its durability and ability to thicken up sound quite well.

On a total sidenote: Here is the Relic Telecaster we used for rhythm as talked about in Part Two!

Nice eh? Ok…back on track here. So onto the Aurora stuff used. I miced up the Avatar cab with a Neumann Fet 47 and a Shure 546. Ever get to use the 546? I have been having fun with this mic as of late. When I am looking for a more 60′s sound, this is what I grab. It’s almost like an instant retro sound to me. It’s not that it’s lo-fi or dark, just different than that SM57 sound that we’ve all heard for a zillion years. When I pair it with the Fet, you can get a great range of sounds by blending the fat and dark Fet 47 and the more midrangey 546. Once again, the Aurora pres and EQ came through with flying colors (or as Geoff would write, “colours”). I just ended up adding a little top and lows on the 546 and a touch of high mid on the Fet 47. Buss those together and everyone was pretty pleased.

Oh, did I mention that the 546 looks like early sci-fi laser gun?

Ok…That’s about it for now. I will get into the next guitar stuff and effects and Aurora and oh man, this is a serious run on sentence!


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