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Tracking With Aurora Gear Part 2

As we continue with the saga of tracking with all Aurora gear, we move into the guitar stage. In the case of this session, I wanted to get the main guitars down first. This always helps in making sure that the bass is super in tune and that the bass player would be able to get melodic but not trample over anything. We had scratch tracks to help me know what we needed anyway. Besides, if The Beatles did it this way at times, it should work for us, right? Right.

As far as the acoustic guitar goes, we used my 1976 Martin D35. It always sounds great, and the fact that it has been kept in pretty much mint condition probably isn’t hurting things either. I was going for a brighter, airy sound, so I used a Soundelux 251 right into the Aurora Pre and 4 band EQ. Not that I needed a ton of EQ, but having 4 bands and the filtering was a really nice option. I filtered 22hz, added a slight top end peak and a minimal midrange boost. The rooms at the studio were built with sound in mind and therefore I could get a little distance to get some air and capture all those harmonics that happen when you don’t have a mic jammed right next to the sound hole (“Distance Equals Depth” – Jimmy Page). From there, I patched in the Fairchild 670. Now I could wax poetic about the Fairchild, but I will spare you here. The old guy did it’s job just fine. It darkened the sound slightly, but that’s why I have this lovely 4 band EQ for.

For the first electric guitar sound, we used my Fender Custom Shop 1962 Relic Telecaster. The guys at Fender made this for me at the end of 2006 and it’s a really nice piece. It can cover many sounds and the fact that Alex Lifeson of Rush played it first before I even got to look at it makes cooler to me. The amp is a Rivera Venus 6. It has NOS Brimar 6V6 power tubes and vintage RCA preamp tubes..,oh…and the 2×12 cab has Celestion G12 Blue speakers in it. The Venus gives me great American-style tones but also that Class A squish that I love as well. It’s isn’t a super metal amp like some of the other Rivera models. So…no Slipknot sounds this time!

I used an Shure SM57 and a Neumann U67 on the Rivera 2×12. I do love this combination for guitar. It works in a lot of situations, but for the classic/modern rock thing I was searching for, this seemed ideal. This time, I used 2 Aurora pres and EQ and blended it down to one output. Again, I made a couple of EQ tweaks and where I usually find myself using 3 band EQs and adding a EQ on the buss, but I got what I needed with the 4 band again. I did use some compression, but not in the way you think. More on that later…

I gotta get rockin with my morning here, but I can’t wait to tell you about the next stuff we tracked!

-Andrew Alekel

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