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Tracking With All Aurora Gear Part 1

Hey Everybody!

So over the weekend, I (Andrew Alekel) tracked the Southern California band The Echo Division using NOTHING BUT Aurora Audio preamp and eq channels. I did use 2 other compressors other than the Aurora GTC2, but in a pretty minimal way. I mean, I can’t NOT use a Fairchild if it’s in the room, and there was a 670 available.

With the drums recorded and comped a couple of weeks ago with the yet to be released Aurora secret project box along with a bunch of other Aurora pres and eqs, We needed to figure out what to add to the basic track. I needed a little list to start. It’s on the left there…

The idea was that we were going to go overdub crazy just so I could run as much stuff through the Aurora gear as I could. Since I am usually recording bands and singer/songwriter types, I wanted to make sure that we had some electronic stuff going through the gear. So parts for synths and some electronic drums were discussed.

We started on our way to completing the track and I needed to set up some microphones. I started with the piano. It’s just not anybody’s piano, it is a Custom Yamaha Grand made for Billy Preston in the late 1970s/ early 80s. It has been featured on hundreds and hundreds of recordings and always records very well. In the past, I found that when I used the Neve 8028 in the control room, I couldnt use the U87s that I love so much because I could never get the brightness I wanted, so I would pick a brighter mic. In the process of that, I would lose some of the buttery mids and lows but I always made it work. In this case using the Aurora EQ, I could give a bit of shelving boost at 6K and 87s opened up the top end in a very beautiful way. Not only were my ears happy, but it makes for cool photo opportunities..

Well that’s all I got for now. I will have more pics and nerdy details later in the week.

-Andrew Alekel

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