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•Gain -10dB to +80dB on the input sensitivity switch +10dB in the fader.

•Input Impedance = 1.2Kohm (XLR I/P), 10Mohm (DI I/P)

•Output Impedance = < 50 ohms balanced

•DI Input Impedance = 10 Mohm

•VU points from -33VU to +24VU in 3dB steps where 0VU = +4dBu = 1.228 vac.
Input headroom = 26 dB
Frequency response = < +/- 1dB at 20Hz and 20KHz ref. 0dBu @ 1KHz

•Noise = +80dB gain = -45dB (EIN = -125dB)/0dB gain = -85dB

•Headroom = Maximum output > +26dBu

•Distortion = < 0.075% @ 1KHz

•Three band EQ = +/- 15dB adjustment 80Hz (Bass), 12KHz (Treble) mid frequencies of 400Hz, 1,600Hz 3,200Hz 18dB

•Low Pass Filter @80 Hz

•Phase Invert

•+48V Phantom Power



•Gain +30dB (+10dB with -20dB attenuator selected)

•Input Impedance = 1 Mohm

•Output Impedance :-             <50 ohms

•Distortion (FX off) :-             <0.075% (FX on and fully driven = > 18%)


•Dimensions H 4.31″ (109.6mm)/W 6.26” (159.2mm)/L 15.2” (386mm)

•Weight 8.25lbs (3.74Kg)

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Located smack dab in the heart of Hollywood, California, Geoff Tanner and Aurora Audio use the best of the past to take you into the future and beyond.