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  • Input impedance = 10Kohms, transformer balanced and floating
  • Balanced and floating output will drive any impedance from 600 ohms upwards
  • Frequency response = 20Hz to >20KHz +/- 1dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion = <0.1% @ 1KHz @ +20dBu
  • Noise = <-75dBu filtered 22Hz to 22KHz at unity gain
  • Threshold = -10dBu to +30dBu
  • Ratio = 1.5:1 to 10:1
  • Attack Time = 500uS to 5mS
  • Release Time = 100mS to 3 Seconds
  • Gain Make up = 0dB to +20dB
  • Dimensions = 19” x 2U x 11” deep (482.6mm x 88.9mm x 280mm)
  • Weight = 16lbs (7.25Kg)
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs
  • All Class A discrete transistor circuitry
  • Opto, FET and Combined (Opto and FET at same time) control elements
  • Controls for Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release and Gain make up
  • Auto release varies release time in relation to nature of the signal
  • Illuminated analog VU/Gain reduction meter
  • Auto-sensing integral regulated power supply
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    Located smack dab in the heart of Hollywood, California, Geoff Tanner and Aurora Audio use the best of the past to take you into the future and beyond.
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