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Mixing. The final frontier. Riddled with myths, hearsay, and maybe a casual dabbling in the black arts, mixing is possibly the most difficult step in the recording process. Whether it’s digital or analog, every engineer needs a solid mixing foundation to make their mix the best it can be.

Enter the Aurora Audio GTM822-2GN mixer. The GTM822-2GN is the primary infrastructure of the Aurora Audio expandable console. As with all Aurora Audio products, the GTM822-2GN is an all Class A discrete mixer. The GTM822-2GN starts you off with channels 1-8 and it’s expandable to your heart’s content by utilizing the GTM822-2GN EX.

Notice we said MIXER. To label the GTM822-2GN a “summing amplifier” is a gross understatement. Geoff Tanner never set out to make a summing amp, he set out to design a Class A expandable mixer complete with master section, inserts, aux sends, fx returns, multiple playback aux inputs, talkback, and even a phase meter. All of which is contained in a convenient 3U package.

Let’s take a little tour of the GTM822-2GN shall we? First, let’s look at the inputs. The GTM822-2GN is a DUAL input mixer. There is a 25 pin D-sub input and individual XLR inputs for each channel. Traditionally, the D-Sub is used for your recording device output, and the XLR inputs are for your microphone preamps. With just one touch of the TRACK button on the GTM822-2GN and you will activate the XLR inputs to run your favorite pres through the mixer to fatten up your signal as well as giving you fader control and access to the bussing.

Speaking of bussing, it’s extremely easy to integrate your favorite outboard effects and processing with the GTM822-2GN. There are two mono aux sends and a separate aux return. That way, you don’t lose any playback or tracking channels while still being able to use your outboard gear. Also, feel free to set up a cue mix with the aux sends. You can keep your mix intact while giving the artist their own personal mix while they are recording.

Also of note: Geoff wanted to make sure if you ever need to track or mix with headphones, that the job would not be left to some crummy aftermarket headphone amplifier. The headphone amp featured in the GTM822-2GN has enough power to not only drive a splitter so you can track group vocals or a string quartet, but it can also power high impedance, audiophile style headphones with ease.

The Aurora Audio GTM822-2GN is the perfect mixer to obtain the classic British sound while taking your mixes to the next level of perfection. Your tracks will come alive with the punch, clarity, and warmth that you thought was only possible with the rarest of classic consoles.

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GTM822-2GN Front
GTM822-2GN Front
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