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The Aurora Sidecar Is Here!

Hey All, Well…it’s finally happened. So many of you were looking for a better way to record, that (more…)

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Tracking With Aurora Gear Part 6 (Vocals)

Closing out the week here with some talk about vocals. Truth be told, we tracked vocals twice. Once (more…)

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Tracking With Aurora Gear Part 5 (Bass insanity)

OK…So Miles and Paul got all their guitars done and now it was time for Bass. Andy, Echo (more…)

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Tracking With Aurora Gear Part 4

So when we last left off, we were still in guitar-land with Paul. We got Paul’s main rhythm (more…)

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Tracking With Aurora Gear Part 3

Allrighty everybody, here is the big part three of my sessions with the Aurora gear! best pay day (more…)

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Tracking With Aurora Gear Part 2

As we continue with the saga of tracking with all Aurora gear, we move into the guitar stage. (more…)

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Tracking With All Aurora Gear Part 1

Hey Everybody! So over the weekend, I (Andrew Alekel) tracked the Southern California band The Echo Division using (more…)

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Geoff Tanner at Sound:Check Expo In Mexico City!

Hey All, Geoff will be heading down to Mexico City, Mexico this weekend to participate in the Sound:Check (more…)

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Building the GTM822-2GN

Happy new year everyone! We here at Aurora Audio have been enjoying this amazing Hollywood weather and building (more…)

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Hey All, individuals who lend money The International Dealers page is now up! Just look under the CONTACT (more…)

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