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Building the GTM822-2GN

Happy new year everyone! We here at Aurora Audio have been enjoying this amazing Hollywood weather and building and shipping our little hearts away.

Recently, the demand for the GTM822-2GN and the GTM822-2GN EX has escalated so we are building more. We also thought we could show you a glimpse into the assembly process just so you can see how much it takes to make one of these beasts. Here is Edward in the middle of some testing on a brand new GTM822-2GN:

Edward 822

For those that don’t know, to put one GTM822-2GN together takes about SIX weeks. Due to all it’s features (it’s much more than just summing, you know), a rigorous amount of testing and re-testing is constantly happening throughout the build. In fact, due to the fact that it is so labor intensive, some of the staff here have to put aside the building of the Aurora Audio outboard gear a little bit to complete a GTM822-2GN and the add-on unit, the GTM822-2GN EX. Check out Daisuke working on the GTM822-2GN EX:

Dice 822EX

We’ll have more to show you as work on these progresses!

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